OBW Hall of Fame Class of 2009

The inaugural OBW Hall of Fame Class didn't have just one star in it, all of these wrestlers were stars. Dorkster is seen as the greatest vixen in the history of OBW and was around before the Vixens Championship was even created. Dorkster wrestled with the guys and kick some ass doing it. In any other class Gangkill would stand above the rest but he is about equal to the rest of this Hall of Fame Class. Gangkill won multiple OBW Championships, Middleweight Championships and Tag Team Championships while also winning the Royal Rumble. The Benster is looked at as the greatest OBW wrestler ever. Benster won 4 OBW Champions, 4 Middleweight Championships, a United States and United Kingdom Championship, was a 5 time Tag Team Champion and also won a Royal Rumble. This Hall of Fame Class was not only the first but is seen by many as the best
The Benster
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