OBW Hall of Fame Class of 2011

The OBW Hall of Fame Class of 2011 is filled with great talent from yesterday. The second generation star Sammy Steel was inducted into the Hall of Fame after winning numerous championships. Hardcore Heaven had one love during his OBW career, hardcore, he was inducted to the OBW Hall of Fame in 2011 after he won an amazing 5 hardcore championships and 2 hardcore tag team championships. Fellow 2011 Hall of Famer Papa will go down as one of the few OBW wrestlers of his time to win four different championships. The stars of this class have a record that will never even be close to being broken, The Candy Men won a record 12 tag team championships and are regarded to this day as the greatest tag team in OBW history.
The Candy Men (Toffee & Fudge)
Hardcore Heaven
Sammy Steel
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