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OOC: Promo Thing

Posted by Chris Douglas on December 2, 2014 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Most commonly Thursday, I'll be writing a promo in which I have a nice big shindig in which I celebrate my World Title win. I highly doubt the promo will be the party, but more like after the party when everyone's saying goodbye and all that jazz. If you would like to make an appearance in my promo, ya know, inbox me. Even if we're enemies (IC, of course) why not, come. I'll find some kind of way to keep kayfabe in the promo. 

OOC: Hey everyone.

Posted by Parker on December 2, 2014 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (4)

Hey OBW, as we all know, unfortunately Jacob won't be the General Manager of Execution for much longer which is a great shame, he always somehow manages to come up with the right ideas and his writing range is a lot better than anyone else's on the site (I mean no offense to anyone else). I've been approached and asked to take over the role, and be the GM for Execution.Although it would be an honor to write for all of you once again I find myself struggling to find an answer for many reasons. I'm in a great place right now I feel, storyline wise and character wise. In almost 3 years of being a member of OBW I've never found myself to be this happy.

Another reason, is that I don't feel as though you guys would be too pleased with the idea, it's always gone around that I'm supposed to be this biased dictator who only cares for himself, which isn't true. I've only ever wanted what was best for OBW. I'm straying off topic, I get told a lot that people here still don't like me, some of them I know, others try to hide it. I wouldn't want to do it unless you were okay with it, whatever happens with the position, the only thing that matters is that you are all happy. Happy to read Execution, happy to work with the GM.

I just want to know what you guys think. Should I do it? I don't want anyone to hide their opinions, nobody will get mad. Just be honest and help out the site.

Dreams Come True

Posted by Marshall Cage on December 1, 2014 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (10)

The world around you just changes.... What happens when your dreams come true? You feel.... Fulfilled. You feel.... On top of the world. You feel like you could do whatever you want to! I was signed! Which isn't even the biggest news! I beat Omega Ruby tonight! I now get to be on top of the world when I catch Mega Rayquaza! Nothing could go wrong! Well.... Might as well share my thoughts on the recent Pay Per View on OBW, shall I? We saw a new Champ, Chris Douglas. We saw a new number one contender be crowned for the Hardcore title. We saw a great match for the Main Event! Everything tonight was amazing! But not as amazing as what will come. Not as amazing as when the world will witness the Spectacular Contest Spectacle in the ring! When they see me Flying on everyone, and just Biting through my path, they'll wish my Nature wasn't Adamant. They'll be wishing that I never got signed to Storm! They'll fear the day that Marshall Cage put on the boxing gloves like Hitmonchan! But until then.... Deoxys needs caught..... As does Mega Rayquaza..... I'm here to kick ass and play Pokemon! But there's still more Pokemon to be played. Marshall Out.

To go on my own

Posted by Nicole Bates on December 1, 2014 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (3)

Nicole bates is in her hotel room. a man walks in her room

Man: Alright Nicole you ready for your debut

Nicole:Yes,dad I got everything I need.

Nicole’s Dad: Now remember you're representing a family of champion.

Nicole: I know and remember that every time I’m time in the ring.

Nicole’s Dad: Alright see you later and don’t be a stranger.

Nicole Hugs her dad as he start to walk out. Nicole go out to the balcony of her apartment.

Nicole: now time for me to go on my on and kick some slutty ass.

The camera start to fade to black with her staring to the sky.


OOC: Announcements

Posted by Jacob Meggido on November 30, 2014 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (2)

Ladies and gentlemen, i just want to get these two announcements out of the way quickly, so as not to keep you from your daily lives too long.

1. Last Man Standing MIGHT not be up until tomorrow. Didn't want to get swamped with questions on it, so ill explain breifly here: Real life, man. I'll take most of the blame here, as i have been super busy with work and trying to get stuff lined up for college. Ayden had a few issues of her own (personal, and i will not describe them as you dont NEED to know unless she wants to tell you all her life.) It WILL be posted tomorrow, and hopefully earlier in the day EST (Its 545 pm as I am typing this now. I would like to think the show will be posted NO LATER than 6 tomorrow evening.)

now, onto the next topic.

2. For awhile I have been overworking myself. Its physically draining. Mentally exhausting. Hell, emotionally its just awful. That is why I am asking for people to step up. By the end of december (So like a new years gift?) I want to be replaced as GM. I've been trying to get it done behind the scenes for a bit now, but it just wasnt easily doable. So I am asking ANY AND ALL interested bodies to shoot a message to ME. VELVET. AND AYDEN (a group message. not three seperate ones...) and tell us that you're interested. That way we can figure out how we will go about choosing who will take my place.

Thats all for tonight guys, again, sorry about the pay per view, but it WILL be up tomorrow.  

BREAKING: LMS Main Event Competitor Injured

Posted by Jeff Jenson on November 29, 2014 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (13)

Caylen Slade has been injured at a house show in Tampa, Florida during a match with James Parker. Slade was trying to perform a Suplex to the outside but slipped and "busted his knee badly." What that means exactly is unknown. Slade was supposed to be the main event for the OBW Championship against M-Star, Nikolai Sinclair and TGB in a last man standing elemination match. How OBW will alter the match in not currently known.

Black Friday Deals

Posted by Jessica Rati on November 28, 2014 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (17)

Hello there. I'm OBW's sexiest Vixen, Jessica Rati, and I'm here to remind you that it's that time of year again. The day that you get up before the sun does after only a few hours of sleep. The day that you spend hours of your day off work fighting crowds of people that are just as crazy as you. The day that you stand in an endless line for a simple toy that your bratty little kids screamed out for after they saw it on a commercial while watching their favorite cartoons one Saturday morning. That's right, it's the dreaded Black Friday. You just spent yesterday stuffing your face with fattening foods until you had to unbutton your pants to let your fat guy hang out for a little relief, then followed that up by sitting your bloated asses on the couch to watch football all night. But today all of you mothers and fathers go all out for your children, and all with no reward in the end. No, even though it was YOU that lost sleep, YOU that had to walk a mile across a crowded parking lot in the cold, YOU that got elbowed in the ribs by a little old lady reaching for the same toy you were, it's not YOU that gets that recognition on December 25th. NO...NO...NO! They all think that little toy that they'll be tired of in only a matter of weeks came from an old obese man wish rosy red cheeks called Santa Clause. But that doesn't matter to you does it? No you just enjoy seeing those cute little faces light up with joy once they rip the paper from those presents under the colorful tree. Now I want you to stop to think for a second. What about you? You parents tend to neglect yourselves on this shopping day, but why? You worked hard this year in order to afford all of those presents so why should you not spoil yourselves a little as well. That should be the case and can change this year. Today I'm here to announce the opening for my new line of lingerie called.....

Rati's Desire!

It is the perfect present that will make all of you mothers more desirable as well as give you fathers a visual that you will surly lust for. I should know. After all I am named after the Goddess of Love, and love is exactly what you'll feel when you discover.....

Rati's Desire!

It looks like you parents will be unwrapping one more present AFTER the kids go to bed Christmas night. This is just a taste of what spice and excitement Rati's Desire will bring to the bedroom.


Remember ladies, you won't look as good as me, but you'll look better than you do now.

Don't forget to check out our line of accessories as well.



A Fine Wine

Posted by "THE" Richard Purcell on November 26, 2014 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (3)

The camera turns on(crap quality, I might add) as a man, heavily panting, sprints down a hall towards a room. He reaches the room, opening the door. Richard Purcell is watching the latest Storm, DVR recorded. He turns, sets down the glass of alcohol he was sipping on, and stands, turning off the television as he does.


Richard: You're late. I told you to be punctual. No matter. We can still get this done.


Richard fixes his tie, which is a bit askew, and buttons two buttons on his suit jacket. He clears his throat.


Richard: I'm assuming you started recording already? Amateur. I told Gerry to hire some actual talent. He's slipping. Looks like he might be cut loose after all. Look. Here's how it's going to go down. I cut this, I pay you the measly amount you asked for, then you post this on whatever shit service you have. Got it?


Cameraman: Yes, I got it.


Richard: Good. Now. I can't help but notice that I've gone yet another week without an appearance. Unbelievable. Just insane. They must really be pushing the envelope here. I don't mean to push it, but seriously, they must be blind if they can't see my potential. Then again, my potential hasn't been visually expressed as of yet. But the point is, it CAN'T be visually expressed if I'm not on a show! Do you see the paradox here?!


Richard picks up the glass, downs the rest of the alcohol, and sets it back down with a quizzical look on his face.


Richard: Fucking Gerry. Definitely not the best brand. Actually, like most people here. I am like a fine wine. I am not something that is going to be looked down upon. I am the greatest material there is, you see! I could bring a show up or down, depending on my mood that week. I don't want you all to 'kiss my ass', as was mentioned. Because I don't want, I receive. You see, I can't even fathom why I wouldn't have been given a match yet. I'm here! I exist, as all of you MUST know. If I didn't exist, it would be a terrible tragedy that would rock the world, I'm sure. I won't disappoint, if you just put me in a damn match already. You're missing out, I promise. I'm not just some rookie who will nearly disappear after maybe one good match. I AM RICHARD PURCELL. And I'm here because I know I can reach the top.


Richard turns and turns the TV back on, right back to Storm. He turns back around.


Richard: Well? Can't you see that's all I had to say? Oh- Right, your payment.


Richard stands and walks over. The cameraman holds out his hand, expecting something, when Richard hands him fifty dollars.


Cameraman: Our deal was for two hundred...


Richard: Ah, but, you were late. LATE. I am not paying the full amount if you're late, you imbecile. You're lucky you're getting anything. You know what- Here.


Richard takes the fifty, and hands the cameraman twenty five back.


Richard: For being a whiny little bitch.


Richard smiles and claps the cameraman on the shoulder. The cameraman sighs, exasperated, and turns to leave as the camera drops and is shut off.

It's All For Them,A Small Career in Review

Posted by Martin Drawback on November 26, 2014 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (4)

Martin is in his hotel room , holding his neck after Storm 154


Martin: Since arriving I done some good, some bad and some stupid things.When I came here people thought I was the personification of power, in my first week I beat Chris Falcon in a dominating debut, the next week I put a guy who no one remember named Kamsy Strong in a hospital bed all to impress Chad.


Martin makes his way to balcony of his hotel room.


Martin: Storm 140 the night two careers shifted momentum with Jack beating me and rising up to the star he is now and me,going down to where winning at house shows was the only way to get a match on Storm. Then Ryan Tesla offers me a spot Velocity but I didn’t know that they needed me to compete in the Tag Division with Essa and that plan didn’t work because of Ryan selling himself to ROP.


Martin heads back into his room and grabs his coat and luggage bag and starts to walk out


Martin: now I’m back to fighting and clawing for a match. There are some people in the back that say I need to stop trying the kiss up to them.


Martin leaves his hotel room and is approached by a woman with a shy little kid wearing a Martin Drawback hat holding her hand.


Woman:Excuse me,my son is a big fan of your and would like an autograph.


Martin: Sure, why not.


Martin gets down to one knee


Martin: Hey what is your name


The little kid leaves his mother hand walks up.


Jimmy: My name is Jimmy and I’m a big fan.


Martin: Well I can see that but I have nothing to sign but I can give you this. I was gonna reveal it next week on storm but you can have it.


Martin takes out a new Martin Drawback T-Shirt from his luggage and hands it to Jimmy

Martin: Here you go Jimmy. See you later.


Jimmy takes the T-Shirt


Jimmy: Thank you.


Martin high fives Jimmy and walks away. from them


Martin:You wonder why I don’t turn on these fans because I would rather be a liked nobody then a hated somebody.


Martin walks away as the camera fades to black.

OOC: If you guys can tell how it was from my other promo 



PS what do think of the T-Shirt Design

Coming home...

Posted by Paulo Romano on November 26, 2014 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (2)


It's an empty road on a Midwest area - sand is blowing with the wind, lizards crawl at the asphalt, the sun is at his peak. Suddenly, you can hear a motorbike engine at the distance...

Cut to the bike, your typical American chopper, black with chromed details at the body and muffler. The biker is a man, wearing black leather jacket, blue worn-out jeans and a helmet - yellow with blue and green stripes. You can hear his voice, sounding like an inner monologue…

- You know, I’ve been in the road for some time, since I was 16… I wandered through this whole country… but I never found something to stick for… something to fight for…

The bike stops at a nearby old gas station. The biker, with his helmet still on, fuels up his "baby", as he calls his bike.

- But, then… I saw it… and something snapped on my mind…

The biker sees a folder on the dirt. The folder was ripped and worn out, but a certain logo could be seen… OBW – Online Brutal Wrestling.

- I have finally found something… to fight for… Now, I know where I must go…

The bike meets the road once again. It’s engine sound slowly fades away, while the folder falls on the hot tarmac.

- The Hard Rock Kid… is going… to the eye… of the STORM!

Cut to black...


OOC: Execution

Posted by Jacob Meggido on November 24, 2014 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (1)

Execution MIGHT be late today, just wanted to warn you all ahead of time. I have been rather busy with work and some other personal stuff. If i can get it done today with my day off, ill get it all done. but i don't want to promise it. if not, it WILL be up tomorrow, as soon as i get home from work.

Shatter is Retiring

Posted by "Vicious" Pat Volsky on November 24, 2014 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (2)

It's been a long time since I've been on here, hasn't it? I won't give any sob stories or excuses why I haven't been on. I just grew bored being on here. It didn't have anything to do with the site itself or the people on it as much as it did with the character I've been using. When I first came up Shatter, I had a lot of fun coming up with various promos and rebuttals to recriticism. Now, I can't bring myself to care about him anymore. It's not helped by the fact that the character is nothing more than a much more cynical version of myself, which... I'll be honest, isn't very pleasant. I don't enjoy making horrible comments directed at other people's characters (women especially). I intend stick around, but not as Shatter. I intend to come back as a much more simple character... a character that'll be solely talent enhancement for everyone else here. 

 By the by, I apologize to M-Star for not being there as his manager... if you want to cut my services, I completely understand. I'm still keeping Marcus around though. I actually enjoy writing those promos.

Longest Reigning Anarchy Champion

Posted by Jeff Jenson on November 21, 2014 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (5)

Current Anarchy Champion, Trent Johnson has broken the record of longest Anarchy Championship reign. The superstar who used to be hold the record was Chris Douglas (known as Chris King at the time). Douglas held the title for 108 days and Trent is standing strong at 115 days.

TGB Reportedly To Announce PPV Opponent

Posted by Jeff Jenson on November 21, 2014 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (4) is reporting that tonight, OBW Champion, TGB will announce who he will face at the upcoming Pay-Per-Veiw, Last Man Standing for his title. Although it is not confirmed who it will be, the name everyone is talking about is former World Heavyweight Champion, M-Star. M-Star defeated TGB last week on Storm and is entitled to a match for the title, whether or not OBW will choose to go down this route or not is unknown.

Jeff Jenson: I, personally would love to see these two compete in a full match for the championship. Having M-Star as TGB's new challenge would be a great for selling tickets at Last Man Standing.

The Best Material

Posted by "THE" Richard Purcell on November 18, 2014 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (15)

The camera opens up to a big, burly man standing on a podium. A spotlight quickly focuses on him, darkening the rest of the room so not much else can be seen. He clears his throat, once, twice, three times. Someone mumbles behind the camera, "Get a move on."


Giant Man: Welcome! Here, I am going to tell you about Richard Purcell.


Someone clears their throat from behind the camera, giving him a cue.


Giant Man: Sorry - "THE" Richard Purcell. I am called Yuri Petrovich, and I am one of the strongest men on the planet, or so I like to call myself. Richard Purcell is one of the greatest men on this very earth. No, the greatest man. So why have the GMs overlooked him on shows? Why, I ask?


Yuri steps from the podium and begins pacing back and forth in front of it.


Yuri: You see, Richard has bested me in combat. Me, one of the strongest men on the planet. He is surely television material.


Richard: CUT!


Yuri looks irritated as Richard walks up.


Richard: Television material? I am not just television material. I'm the BEST material, you hear me? THE BEST. Get out of here. I'm not paying you to call me mediocre. I'll do this promo myself.

Yuri: Why, you little shit!


Yuri reaches back, as if to hit him, but glances off to either side of him before exiting while grumbling to himself. Richard turns to face the camera.


Richard: I get that you GMs sometimes "don't have enough time" for "rookies" like me, but I promise, I will not disappoint you. I AM the best person on the planet, as you heard Yuri say. I'm not just some "wannabe" or some "imbecile" or "ignoramus". I AM the greatest man, no, not alive, but EVER. You hear me OBW? Of course you do.


Richard clears his throat and straightens his tie.


Richard: I am here to show you what I can do. Not to prove myself, not to "hopefully" win championships. I'm here because I know I will. Because I know I can be better than every single one of these fucking idiots. I know it. And soon, you will. That is, if the GMs are smart enough to include me on a show. I raise ratings, you know.


Richard winks.


Richard: That's really all the time I want to spend on you, as much as I like talking to a camera that focuses on ME. You all get the picture, and if you're not getting it, buy a hearing aid, because you'll need it to hear me speak. To hear me proclaim that I'm the greatest when I hold a title high. You won't wanna miss it for the world.


Richard exits the view of the camera, and there's arguing behind the camera before the video abruptly ends.

My Title Reign

Posted by Trent Johnson on November 18, 2014 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (3)

The scene opens outside Trent's home just in the outskirts of Milan, Indiana. There is a powdery snow laying over the grass as if a sheet. Trent is seen in a pair of black sweat pants and a hoodie that says "Storm IS Trent Johnson". Trent looks up breathing heavier then ever. He walks over towards the door of his home as the camera slowly follows him inside. Trent walks into the basement of his home. There is a little gym in his basement.

Trent Johnson: It felt good... Getting to be the one to help Ayden... I am glad that was how I returned to Storm. But now that I've done so, I need to do more. Helping one person isn't enough. I just want to remind everyone, that I'm still Anarchy Champ. I also have another accomplishment under my belt. Officially as of Sunday night, I am the longest reigning Anarchy Champion in OBW history with over 109 days in counting.

Trent takes a drink of water and then smiles swallowing it slowly.

Trent Johnson: I mean I'll admit, Vincent would've beaten me if not for Chad. And Vincent I'd love to see a Trent Johnson versus Vincent Sinclair II. But I'm not the one who decides that, Ayden decides the matches. I just fight them. I know lately I may have lost some support and respect from not only you, but other superstars in OBW. I want to make that up. So from here on out, I am making this a policy. Want to fight me? Talk to Ayden, I'm sure she'll let her champ fight any night, any circumstance. Want to team up one night only? Talk to me and Ayden. Want to train? Talk to me personally. Thanks, now if you excuse me, I have a title to win.

Trent starts benching as the camera slowly shuts off.

Who Should I Choose?

Posted by TGB on November 17, 2014 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (22)

TGB is stood backstage from Storm last night with a large smile on his face. He looks down for a brief second and looks back up, still with the smile on his face.

TGB: Hello, everyone. Last night on Storm I was approached by our Storm General Manager, Ayden Starr. We talked for a minute and by the end of it I actually started to trust her, something that I wasn’t expecting for a while. The reason I now trust Ayden is because she gave me the chance to choose my opponent for the Last Man Standing Pay-Per-View. Now that I’ve been given the chance to choose who I defend my title against, I now have to think about who deserves the chance. Who should TGB defend his title against on the 30th? Well, I have thought about a few people already. So, I feel like I should tell you guys who I have in mind.

Number 1: ‘Honest’ Krmi, I still don’t like him. I am tired of him not shutting up. I want to fight him one on one, no one else, no interferences. Just the two of us. But, I also feel like he’s had too many chances. He’s a 5 time OBW champion and I feel like he’s had enough chances at the OBW Championship.

Number 2: Ryan Tesla, He’s also a member of the RoP, so you might be able to tell that I want to beat the shit out of him even though he might not deserve it because he hasn’t been here for that long. I still want to get back everyone in the RoP in some way.

Number 3: Nikolai Sinclair, I faced him last month and I beat him but I just feel like I didn’t hurt him enough, I want to unleash the monster I have inside of me upon him and make him feel how I have felt when facing all of those asshole in the RoP.

Number 4: M-Star, he beat me fair and square on Storm yesterday. And I commend him for that. He does deserve to face me. I do like him, too, I want to face him and I’m sure that he wants to face me, too. It truly would be an honour to face him for my title at Last Man Standing.

Number 5: Vincent Sinclair, he’s my friend and a damn good one at that. He’s helped me with facing the RoP. Sure, we’ve had our ups and downs but he’s been my friend since I came to this company. I owe him a lot and I can’t think of any other way than letting him have a chance at my title.

Now, obviously, I can only choose one of these 5 other superstars and all of you will find out who I will choose this Friday on Storm.

TGB starts to smile again as the camera fades out.


OOC: Punchlines are Fatal

Posted by Lindsay Diamonds on November 15, 2014 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (6)
Ayden Starr is the best GM ever! Enough said!!! Okay anyways!

Poor Cameraman!!!!!

Posted by Jessica Rati on November 15, 2014 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (2)

Jessica Rati is seen walking out of a local gym, wearing a skimpy outfit that most probably wear to the beach, when a scrawny man in glasses that looks to around the age of someone in college runs up with a slightly chubbier guy sporting a patchy beard and greasy hair following behind with a camera. The scrawny guy, obviously out of shape, desperately calls out with a winded yell after the short sprint.






He tries to catch his breath.



Jessica......Jessica Rati!



Being used to having men call out for her ;) Jessica ignores him and continues to head towards her car.



Miss. Rati, can I speak to you for a moment.



The two change direction and the smaller guy cuts her off a few feet away from her car with the chubbier one trying his best to keep up, but seems to have a lot of trouble running with the bulky camera that he is carrying. Out of instinct Jessica reaches into her gym bag and fumbles around to pull out a small bottle of pepper spray. She points it at the first guy to reach her, but he quickly ducks and the camera man catches the spray instead. The big guy drops to the parking lot ground and screams in pain, but Jessica shows no mercy and hovers over him, continually letting him have it with the spray. The other guy dropped his glasses while trying to avoid the spray, but finally finds them on the ground and looks up to see what is going on then calls out for Jessica to stop. She turns to spray him now, but the bottle has already been emptied on the poor other guy. She spikes the bottle down, inadvertently dropping it on the camera man's privates, and assumes a fighting stance. please don't. I'm Cody and that's my roommate Brian. We were just wanting to get an interview with you for our school journalism class since OBW is passing through our town.



And you think that makes it ok to just run up on a woman like that? You two kids have a lot to learn. Look I don't have the time for you two to waste by asking me a bunch of pointless questions, but since you're here I do have a quick statement to make so stop your crying and get up fat ass.



Come on man, turn the camera on.



*Whimpers* But I'm blind.



Dude! Just get up already would ya?



The abused guy struggles to get back up and hold the camera. He's hunched over, still feeling the affects from the pepper spray can to the junk, and he can't see to get the camera focused on Jessica's face.



Dude, you're blowing this for me.



Camera man, Brian, frustratingly growls back.






He finally gets situated and the camera comes into focus on Jessica's annoyed expression. She rolls her eyes.






We are here with OBW Vixen Jessica Rati outside of.........



Yeah yeah, I don't have time for this. My message is short and sweet. It seems that just like most men in this world, Dana Wilde, is obsessed with yours truly. I can't say that I blame her because I mean come on.....LOOK AT ME.



Jessica twirls around while running her hands down the sides of her hips for the camera to see.



I am a sight of perfection.



Yes you are.



Don't talk.

Cody slaps Brian on the shoulder.


God must have spent just a little extra time when it came to making me. And I have it on good authority that he took that extra time away from working on Dana's fugly face.



The camera guy, although still in pain, gets a little chuckle out of that comment.



You're interrupting me here.



Shut up dude.



Like I was saying. In Vincent Sinclair's recent convo about how ROP will rest in peace blah...blah...blah with that broken record, Dana took the time out of her weekly dyke convention to say, and I quote, "Jessica has a obstacle which you keep forgetting, Vincent." Honey, the only obstacles I face are deciding which pair of expensive shoes I'm going to wear that day and trying to shield myself from all of the looser guys, like you two, that try and hit on me when they clearly know deep down in their one track horny minds that they don't stand a chance for me to not only hook up with them, but to even acknowledge them as an acceptable human being. And a side note for you two and all men out there. If you're not all that cute and you don't have the money to give me whatever I want then don't even bother with talking to me. Stick to those desperate virgin girls and your online porn that you watch every night right before you go to bed.



The two guys look at each other with guilt in their eyes.



And just because your mommy tells you that you could have anyone you wanted don't automatically believe her. She's probably just saying that because she doesn't want to break your hart and dreams by telling the truth and saying that you're as ugly as your overweight, balding father that she has to down a few shots of alcohol just to get through his 45 second seizure session of him on top of her. But I digress! Back on the topic at hand, I believe the same holds true for Dana.



You think that she has to drink alcohol to get through sex?



No you fat dimwit. She's not even lucky enough to land that. What I mean is that she's obviously desperate to get my attention by endlessly spilling my name out of that mouth of hers. But even she........deep down in that little raisinette brain of hers, knows that she doesn't stand a chance against me. Just like the rest of you don't stand a chance at ending one of, if not the most, dominate factions that OBW has ever seen. Now if you two pimple popping brats will excuse me, I need to go lift my spirits after looking at you talking about all of these other waste of space people. I think that I'll go look at myself in the mirror for a while. Or better yet, I think that I'll go scheme some rich schmuck into taking me shopping.



Just then she notices some guy in a brand spankin new Bentley that's parked behind the two students. She parts them to the side and seductively walks towards the car. She bends over to look into the driver side window, giving the guys a view of her ass hanging out of her spandex shorts. You can't hear what the driver and she are talking about, but after a few seconds she walks around to the other side of the car and tosses her gym bag into the back seat before getting in herself. The car squeals it's tires as it speeds off, leaving the two students standing in the lot stunned.



Dude, wasn't that your dad?



Yes it was.



Dude! He was our ride home.



Shut up!



The two start to somberly walk down the road.



Do you think your mom could pick us up?



We're not calling my mom.



What do you think she's going to say about your dad?




He turns  and kicks his roommate between the legs, dropping him to the ground in pain once again.


On My Mind

Posted by Trent Johnson on November 15, 2014 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (10)
I know Vincent recently said what was on his mind well now it's my turn. James Parker, you just wait for any attention because you aren't the star of the show anymore. You all should know by now that ROP is going through a falling out. What're you gonna do about it? I suggest just accept it and wait. Because not only myself, but the rest of the "good guys" on Storm WILL stop you. We will take you out, whether you disagree or not. We WILL stop you all. Krmi, your one of the few I don't hate of them. You could still leave them in the dust and hurt the rest of them. We could take ROP to the ground. So what do you say Storm?


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