Online Brutal Wrestling

Legends Will Be Made.

Storm Main Event

 OBW title

The Crater (c) vs. Pliskin 'The Hero'  in a ???? Match



 Both these men have been rivals since last summer, now their fued will come to one final clash at The Heart Of Wrestling and the most important prize will be on the line. The OBW title. In the weeks leading up to H.O.W these men will battle it out in 3 stages of hell. The winner will decide the match type for H.O.W.


Execution Main Event

OBW HeavyWeight Title match

Ice (c) vs. Kronk Single Match


Kronk made a tremendous return in 2009 and went on to win the 2009 Royal Rumble Match! But now comes the biggest challange of all when he takes on the OBW HeavyWeight Champion! I C E!

P0 Main Event

Project Zero championship 

Joe the Ref vs. Rapty vs. Isolator vs. TNT (C)

 vs.  vs. vs.

The road to the Project Zero main-event was as rough and eventful as any. Every Superstar involved had to fight for their spot, and it will surely go down in history as the biggest battle for the P0 Title we've ever seen. Allegiances have changed, partnerships have formed, and blood has been spilled. Who will walk out with Gold everybody's talking about...?

Storm Tag Team Title Match

Tag Team Titles

Pyro and Psymon Z (c) vs. The Creatures


As the two big tag teams on storm they were destined to fight each other and what better place then at H.O.W for the tag team titles.

Tag turmoil match

Hardcore Tag Team Titles

The Teams of Execution battle it out to become the Hardcore tag Champions.

Storm Hardcore Match

Gregory Powers vs. Bonecrusher Harcore Matchup


After an augment on storm both men will use their extreme power and use wepons to destroy each other.

Execution Handicrap match

Sidster and TLC vs. Determinator Handicap match


Two Main eventers put their skills together to try and take down THE DETERMINATOR

Storm Hair vs. Hair vs. Hair Match

Johan vs. Apoc vs. Jeff Micheals Hair vs. Hair vs. Hair Match

Only one of these 3 men will escape with their hair on their head.

Storm MiddleWeight Title Match

Ryanster (c) vs. KJ Lomax MiddleWeight title


These men have been battling for the middleweight title for over 2 months and at H.O.W the battle will finaly come to an end. Only one of them will walk out with the gold.

OBW hardcore title

Kid Dynimite vs. Mark Hawkins OBW Hardcore title


These men will have to fight to the end if they want to walk out of H.O.W with the hardcore title

Danny vs. Dorkster

Danny Inferno vs. Dorkster Grudge Match


After some trouble on storm the match beetween these two has been made official. Will Danny be put in his place by Dorkster?

Cruiserweight turmoil

6 cruiserweights battle it out in a turmoil match