OBW Rules

The following rules DO NOT apply to members of the OBW Board. and DO apply to ALL wrestlers.

1. OOC should only be written on the guestbook, through meebo chat or through inbox and can include anything and everything.

2. No ads, spam or anything related to other e-feds.

3. Multiple Accounts will not be tolerated.

4. Respect should be shown at all times to peers and General Managers.

5. OOC bullying or racism shall not be allowed.

6. You need the permission and the contribution of other wrestlers in order to use them in your promo.

7. Voting systems will be monitored to ensure legitimacy. should voting systems be used wrongly then appropriate action will be taken. 



 Should members repeatedly break these rules or should there be any severe case of rule breaking, the member/members in question shall be deleted.

No More Suspensions!


Tips On How To Win Matches

A lot of people think just being on the site 24/7 on commenting on absolutely everything regardless of it's relevance will win you matches. That is not true. These following tips are how you can improve your wrestler, win more matches and move up to main event status. 

1. You don't need to be the most active to win matches or be successful on this site. As long as you are very active, you have just a good chance to win matches as somebody else who is more active than you. That means you should not feel discouraged and you should not feel the need to post pointless comments on the site. Contrary to popular belief, pointless comments will hurt your chances of being successful, not help.


2. Always suggest any new idea's you have. More often than not it will not take place, but the GM's will always take it into consideration and they will like the fact you are trying to improve OBW.


3. Comment on Pay-Per-Views, and comment on the show you are on. GM's work very hard to write the shows and the PPV's and your comments will be much appreciated and not forgotten. Commenting on the other show is an added bonus and can definitely help you out.


4. Know other storylines, not just your own. Be aware of what is happening around you. Who the champs are, who is feuding with who, if someone lost a match they should of won. First of all that should be your duty to know. Second when smack-talking knowing this like this can really come in handy.


5. Do NOT Complain! GM's absolutely hate this. I understand sometimes it is necessary but please know their is a difference between being a whiney bitch and having a man to man(or woman to woman/woman to man) talk with your GM about where you stand. Being a OOC nuisance will NOT help you win matches, and may actually hurt your wrestler, not help him.


6. If you want a match against a particular superstar, or even a storyline with a particular superstar feel free to ask. You'll be surprised on how flexible GM's can be and sometimes they will agree. But please do it in an inbox message and do not make it known to the public. 


7. If you're a heel and a GM wants to make you a face, or vice verse don't argue it. It would help the GM a lot most of the time, and he will greatly appreciate the fact you let him do this. The act will not go forgotten, and he may remember it when he is deciding who will be next in line for the World Title!


8. Introduce people to the site. The more people you bring into the site the more you are helping OBW. So even if you are not the best promo writer, if you bring people to the site, especially people who will end up lasting and having successful careers, your career will boost upwards. DO NOT just create multiple accounts hoping that will help your original superstar. If a GM even feels that the 'friend' you introduced is you, your superstar will not get any credit for bringing people to the site. Trust me, The Board is pretty good at identifying who may be who.


9. Write promos. The better your promos are the more respect you will get around here and more quickly you will move up to main event status.


10. Stay in character! If you are a heel don't go around complimenting everyone saying "nice job, nice promo, etc.". Know your role and play it. Don't be worried about seeming like a jerk, everyone knows that you are in character when you say the things you say.


11. Always try to stay calm. Just because you never won one week doesn't mean you will lose every week. James Parker has one of the worst win/loss records in history but is still one of OBW's most decorated superstars. 


12. The locker room does NOT count as being active. The locker room is a fun thing to do in your spare time but make sure not to make that the vital point of your activity. It does not look impressive if you have 2,000 posts if over a thousand of them are from the locker room. If you spend all your time in the locker room and not making or commenting on others promos, you will not be winning many matches.


13. Have Fun! We love to see that you are enjoying the site and using it to its full potential! Happy superstars mean happy GM's 

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