OBW Weekly

Execution Episode 126

Storm Episode 134

Team Besties  Defeated Djinn/Myroslava

Ava Nichole Defeated Jessica Rati

King Wilsin Defeated Brock Turner/Omega Writhe

Dragus Vulgar Defeated Vinny Smooth

Jade Defeated Trent Johnson

Dominic Jackson  Defeated Sid Slade

Succubus Defeated Snickers and Vivacious Layla

Mike Solomon Defeated Chris Douglas

Sidster Defeated Dick Tessmocker

M-Star Defeated OTW (Louis Desrochers, Trigger Nash, Big’Spyce, Cyclone, Dark Dragon, Johnny Nicolas, Titus, Tornado, Flame, and Shawn Cage)

The Nightmare Defeated Kamsy Strong

Trent Johnson Defeated Greg Gallows

Snickers Defeated Angelic Storm

TGB and Markus Conan Defeated The Creed

Callous Malice Defeated Ayden Starr and Jade

Mr. Excellent Defeated Chris Falcon
Vincent Sinclair and Nikolai Sinclair Defeated Super Krmi

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