January 30th: Survival

The Main Event is a 30 Man over the top rope match. Both wrestlers from storm and execution compete in the match to win a number one contenders match for either world title at the biggest pay per view in OBW, H.O.W. (Heart of Wrestling. Two wrestlers start off and every minute and 30 seconds another wrestler enters until their is only one man standing!

February 28th: Big Shot

OBW's last stop before the biggest stage of the them all. Filled with #1 Contender matches and other guaranteed spots for H.O.W., everyone in the entire OBW locker rooms want a shot at the Big Shot! 

March 30th: Heart of Wrestling ( H.O.W. )

The main pay-per-view for OBW, this is where the good become greats and the greats become legends. It is the biggest stage you can wrestle on and a dream to have a match let alone main event it!


April 30th: Rebirth

OBW just had it's biggest pay-per-view of the year, its Super Bowl, Heart of Wrestling, and this is our first pay-per-view of the new season so to say. It's a fresh start, a new beginning and everyone wants to do even better this time around!

May 30th: When Worlds Collide

Execution and Storm GM's choose their teams for bragging rights in a 5 on 5 elimination tag match!

June 30th: Alcatraz Aggression

The pay-per-view takes place in the island Alcatraz!

July 30th: Death Trap

The annual OBW Elimination Chamber matches take place here.

August 30th: Violent Voting

You the fans vote for what matches you want to see, who you want the champions to defend their gold against and more!

September 30th: Wheel Of Torture

Each GM spins a wheel to see who fights who and what match it will be in,anything is possible at Wheel Of Torture!

October 31st: Ruler of the Ropes

A one time Execution tournament, turned into an OBW wide PPV. Here we will find out the Ruler of the Ropes.

November 30th: Last Man Standing 

The OBW Championship and the World Championship are put on the line in Last Man Standing matches!

December 30th: Xtreme Xmas 

In the spirit of the holidays, all hell breaks loose in OBW! At the last event of the year all matches are contested under extreme rules! 

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